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    ME! (Tartu Toy Museum Teatri Kodu)

    Fantasy game with songs and dolls "ME!" is a fun story of discovering yourself for the youngest theater lover aged 1-4. Little viewers can see how the Moon and the Sun are born, what different beautiful animals are doing, and what unprecedented things can be born through play and noticing the world.

    Long Vicous Granny (Oma Lava)

    Good Estonian fairy tales made in a new key! This play is for people of all ages who are ready to meet stories of life and death, young and old, friends and foes. Who wants something to happen on stage all the time - something funny, scary, silly, surprising or moving. We thought of these stories especially for young people 9+, who may no longer read fairy tales, but maybe we manage to surprise them!

    Actress and storyteller Liia Kanemägi on stage 

    Director Jaanika Juhanson, artist Sander Põldsaar, musical design Tarmo Kivisilla

    Technical sound and light solution Mait Visnapuu 

    45 minutes, in Estonian 

    With the help of storytelling and captivating musical images, old stories about schoolgirls, human worms, friendly Death unfold in front of the viewer ... Stories where completely ordinary people hide behind magical creatures and fairy-tale characters. Those who sometimes make choices that are not intelligent, decisions that are selfish. Make mistakes and try to correct your mistakes. They overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable and make us believe that in the end the good will still win.

    Piip and Tuut in TV with a little sugar (Piip and Tuut Theater)

    A gallery of comic characters throughout the Piip and Tuut TV season going live: laughter trainers Helga and Helmut, customer service Nele and Ätt, hunters, sheriff Saluut, a waitress from cafe "Farss". Piip and Tuut turn a carousel of characters that has never been seen before in this theater. Well, all you have to do is come and snuggle together in the bubbling tea water. 50. min For age 5+

    Atlas (Ilmatila, Finland)

    Atlas is a family-friendly mix of contemporary circus,
    animation and architecture that combines Ilona Jäntti’s aerial acrobatics with Tuula Jeker’s projections. The suprising performance paints a picture about understanding and perceiving the world: how directions and scales change when some element is in an unexpected position. At the same time, Atlas is a story about fleeting yet meaningful encounters from the far reaches of space to the depths of the seas.

    Concept, choreography and performance: Ilona Jäntti 

    Concept, script and animations: Tuula Jeker 

    Lighting design: Kauri Klemelä Sound design: Saku Kämäräinen 

    Production: Ilmatila 

    Co-production: Helsinki Festival Supported by: Cirko – Centre for New Circus, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Samuel Huber Foundation Collaborator: Stoa cultural centre

    Duration: approx. 30 minutes Age recommendation: 4 years +

    ​The Scarlet Umbrella (Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences)

    Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences “The Scarlet Umbrella” sets on a theatre stage the childhood games of two sisters, the mirth, fun and moods – and the rain that speaks in Latin. A well-known poem by Estonian poetess Betti Alver has inspired a show without words that is easy to understand for everyone from the age of three, regardless of their native language.


    Cast: Laura Nõlvak and Kaisa Selde

    LEO - The Antigravity Show (Productions Y2D; Canada)

    LEO is a mind-bending, funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching work
    that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and video projection. LEO is the unusual journey of an otherwise ordinary man whose world becomes physically unhinged. When we discover LEO, he is alone with just a small suitcase, whiling away time in a simple room. As time passes LEO becomes increasingly aware that all may not be what it seems in his world.

    As his awareness grows LEO’s reaction to his situation evolves from alarm and insecurity to curiosity and eventually to playfulness. LEO not only begins to enjoy his situation but finds new and ingenious ways to exploit it.

    LEO exhausts himself playing within his new reality until he again realizes that he is alone. Then LEO’s suitcase offers him a new, totally unexpected, way to make himself comfortable and at home.

    This path leads LEO to new unexpected adventures through worlds both ephemeral and imaginary until he finds himself, once again, simply alone.

    With his confidence now shaken, LEO begins to accept that he needs to break the bonds of his con-finement, this room holding him hostage. In his search for release LEO not only calls on all that has gone on before but enlists the aide of a most unlikely ally – himself.

    Having explored his dreams and desires and exercised his lust for life, LEO’s final odyssey is the most important of all… the quest for freedom.

    Directed by Daniel Brière
    Creative Producer - Gregg Parks Original performer/idea - Tobias Wegner Set and Lighting Design - Flavia Hevia Video Design by Heiko Kalmbach Animation realized by Ingo Panke Performers William Bonnet, Julian Schultz, Tobias Wegner

    Age 8+

    "Letter Games and Game Letters" (Theater and Music Museum, History Museum)

    The children's play "Letter Games and Game Letters" is based on Peeter Volkonsky's children's poetry.

    How to become a friend with a word? Can the mind be played with? The production at the Särevi Theater is based on word play and invites children who create a blue friendship by reading, as well as those whose letters are already clearer. The play features the children's poetry of actor, director and musician Peeter Volkonski from his poetry collections "Uncle Volk's Poetry" and "Karukell ja kellakaru". The poems that Peeter Volkonski has put on paper come to life with the help of a design created by three actors, theater artist Johannes Valdma, and the imagination of the viewer.

    Maestro (Miksteater)

    Conductor and composer Maestro and his servant prepare for the evening concert. This evening, however, not everything is going as usual. Maestro occasionally has huge headaches. They are so excruciating that they take him to another world where reality is turned upside down. Maestro finds out he has a brain tumor. And then Maestro visits ...

    Although the story is about one man's desperate struggle for life, it is not entirely tragic and depressing, but rather the opposite: humorous and airy, a play full of surprises and unexpected turns, alternating between real life and an inverted world, as if in a surreal country with a distortion of some reality, an atmosphere of some strangeness. One of the keywords of the production is playfulness.

    Based on the aesthetics of contemporary theater. Watch as physical theater, choreography, visual effects and a thrilling story intertwines on stage.

    On stage Karl Robert Saaremäe and Karl Edgar Tammi

    Author-director Kaido Rannik 

    Artist Triin Simson 

    Choreographer Christin Taul 

    Musical designer Mihkel Tomberg 

    Lighting designer Aleksandr Mirson 

    Video artist Carmen Seljamaa