Dear theatre spectator, see You at the NAKS Festival in 2.- 4. November in Valga!

Theatre and performing arts always test limits inside people and limits that the environment has set to us, limits that excist outside of people. It doesn't matter whether creative activities are for youngsters or for adults, perfoming arts always give us something to think about, broaden our knowledges, increase our capacity of empathy, give us visual pleasure and sometimes even the joy of participating. This kind of art experinece forces us to look inside us, value or revalue what are inside our souls, what surrounds us and how do we relate to it. 

Considering young spectator, we have chosen different types of plays to the festival program, that could speak to young audience in Valga in particular. The plays in our program are remarkables in one or other way. Also, the festival gives a little overview about good examples of theatre made for young spectator in Estonia and outside of Estonia. Our children culture seminar are focused also on these topics. 

Wishing you a mighty festival experience, the creative director of NAKS Festival, Marek Demjanov

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