Children's culture seminar on "How to read art?" will take place on October 21 10.00 -17.00 at www.naksfestival.ee

The seminar will be broadcast online at the main page of festival and viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

The aim of the seminar is to explore the creation and experience of arts; to encourage children, their parents, tutors and especially teachers to understand, differentiate and explore diverse experiences in various fields of creativity. We are looking for answers to the questions whether there are any “taboo” topics for children in art and what is the impact of experiencing art in child's development. The seminar starts at 10.00 o’clock. In the first half of the day, practitioners will talk about theater, music, visual arts, dance and film. Then educators and psychologists will share their experiences. We will end the seminar with a round table, which will involve discussion with students. 

The seminar is moderated by a member of Estonian ASSITEJ Centre and a member of the Estonian Parliament Eduard Odinets. 

Presenters include: Suzanne Osten (Sweden), Sasha Pepeljajev (Russia), Timo Steiner, Jan Kaus, Karmo Mende, Eva Kalbus, Rita Rätsepp, Anu Aun, Anne Kleinberg, Helena Maria Reisner, Helena Pihel, Indrek Lillemägi.   

The seminar is free for everyone Register for the seminar on naksfestival.ee For more information: naksfestival@gmail.com   


10.00 THEATER: Rein Agur, theater director  

10.25 THEATER: Suzanne Osten (Sweden), theater director, screenwriter, writer 

10.50 DANCE: Sasha Pepelyaev (Russia), theater teacher and director  

11.15 LITERATURE: Jan Kaus, writer  

11.40 Stretch break 

11.50 MUSIC: Timo Steiner, composer, head of Tallinn Music and Ballet School  

12.15 FINE ARTS: Karmo Mende, theater designer  

12.40 FILM: Anu Aun, film director, screenwriter    

13.05 Lunch break 55 min    

14.00 Eva Kalbus, theater teacher of Tallinn 32nd Secondary School    

14.25 Anne Kleinberg, Children's Mental Health Center, director, psychiatrist  

14.50 Rita Rätsepp, City Health Clinic, actress and psychologist   

15.15 Panel discussion: Rita Rätsepp, Helena-Maria Reisner (student of Old Town Educational College), Indrek Lillemägi, Eduard Odinets  

18.00-19.00 The seminar will end with the performance of the Improteater IMPEERIUM performance “The Power of Imagination or the Evening of Comic Sketches” (in Estonian)

Wach recording here (in English): https://naksfestival.ee/landing/bc/0cQZOWR4zl/TBOB...

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