​Welcome to NAKS 2021

​Welcome to NAKS 2021

For the first time - perhaps the first and last time - the NAKS festival for youngsters and teachers will take place online. During 18-23 October, the festival wants to reach every place in Estonia where children and young people want to enjoy culture and here teachers and parents are looking for exciting new performances for young audiences. The NAKS festival opens up discussion for important topics, invites you to watch selected performances from Estonia, Finland and Canada which are recorded specially for this year. We invite teachers and culture workers to participate in the webinar "How to read art?" with guests from Sweden, Russia and Estonia (with translation to English!). And we invite young people to hear a French youth play “La dispute” (Mohamed El Khatibi, 2019) performed by Estonian students. The festival is free for all viewers on www.naksfestival.ee page . We recommend to pre-register your participation at www.naksfestival.ee   NAKS festival schedule: * Almost all performances are available on naksfestival.ee 18.10-31.10. Discussions will take place in real time (via zoom) and will last about 1 hour. Zoom links can be found on the festival page (arutelud – discussions).   

M 18.10 Tartu Toy Museum Teatri Kodu “MINA!” (1-4) 16.00-17.00 discussion "The universality of children's theater and its languages" ("MINA!",Teatri Kodu, participants include director Maria Usk and children's writer Jaanus Vaiksoo) Oma Lava “Pikk tige vanaeit” (9+) 18.00-19.00 discussion "Fairy tales - only for children?" (“Pikk tige vanaeit”, Oma Lava, participants include fairy tale narrator Liia Kanemägi and theater teacher Silvia Soro)   

T 19.10 Piip ja Tuut Teater “Piip ja Tuut teevees väikse suhkruga” (3+) 13.00-14.00 discussion "Word games on theater stage" ("Piip ja Tuut teevees väikse suhkruga", director Toomas Tross) Ilmatila “Atlas” (Finnish modern circus) (4+) 16.00-17.00 discussion "Physical theater and animations" ("Atlas", Ilmatila; Finnish contemporary circus, participants include choreographer and artist Ilona Jäntti, animator Tuula Jeker and Terje Bernadt from the Circus Studio Folie)   

W 20.10 Estonian Youth Theater “Punane vihmavari” (3+) 13.00-14.00 discussion "Betti Alver’s poetry and youth theater at school" ("Punane vihmavari", Estonian Youth Theater, participants include director Karl Sakrits and theater teacher Kristiina Oomer) Productions Y2D (Motréal) in collaboration with Chamäleon Productions (Berlin) “LEO” (Canada) (8+) 16.00-17.00 discussion "Possibilities in visual theater: crossing the boundaries of gravity" ("LEO - The Antigravity Show" from Canada, Productions Y2D (Montreal) in collaboration with Chamäleon Productions (Berlin), with Tobias Wegner)   

Th 21.10 10.00-17.30 WEBINAR “How to read art?” (moderated by Eduard Odinets) Presenters include: Suzanne Osten (Sweden), Sasha Pepeljajev (Russia), Timo Steiner, Jan Kaus, Karmo Mende, Eva Kalbus, Rita Rätsepp, Anu Aun, Anne Kleinberg, Helena Maria Reisner, Helena Pihel, Indrek Lillemägi. 18.00-19.00 Improteater IMPEERIUM live performance “Kujutluse võim ehk koomiliste sketšide õhtu” on Sõltumatu Tantsu Laval, Telliskivi Creative City   

Fr 22.10 10.00-12.00 Reading of the French youth play “Tüli” / ”La dispute” (Mohamed El Khatibi) and conversation with the author. Kristjan Üksküla and Emma Tross, Mathias Ausmeel, Anna Aurelia Kangur, Aksel Ojari, Anette Pärn, Mattias Nurga and Oliver Reimann from Piip and Tuut Theater youth troupe will participate. Directed by Oliver Reimann. In collaboration with the French Institute in Estonia (the conversation will be translated from French to Estonian by Ulla Kihva). The reading lasts about 40 minutes, followed by a conversation. The Theater and Music Museum (The History Museum) “Tähemängud ja mängutähed” (6+) 13.00 -14.00 discussion "Theater of poetry for children. How to play poetry?" (“Tähemängud ja mängutähed” The Theater and Music Museum  (The History Museum) (based on Peeter Volkonski children's poetry); participants include director Jaanika Juhanson, Peeter Volkonski and theater researcher Kirsten Simmo) Miksteater “Maestro” (12+) 16.00-17.00 discussion "Man as a creator" ("Maestro", Miksteater; participants include director Kaido Rannik and Tiina Mölder from ZUGA)   

Sa 23.10 At 12.00 Children's Night University (Kadri Voorand) - premiere on naksfestival.ee and ERR Children's Screen! October 24-31 Review on naksfestival.ee! Come and be a part of the one of a kind theater festival!   Supported by Estonian Folk Culture Center, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Tallinn Board of Education and French Institute in Estonia. www.assitej.ee www.naksfestival.ee

***   WEBINAR   Children's culture seminar on "How to read art?" will take place on October 21 10.00 -17.00 at www.naksfestival.ee The seminar will be broadcast online and viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions. The aim of the seminar is to explore the creation and experience of arts; to encourage children, their parents, tutors and especially teachers to understand, differentiate and explore diverse experiences in various fields of creativity. We are looking for answers to the questions whether there are any “taboo” topics for children in art and what is the impact of experiencing art in child's development. The seminar starts at 10.00 o’clock. In the first half of the day, practitioners will talk about theater, music, visual arts, dance and film. Then educators and psychologists will share their experiences. We will end the seminar with a round table, which will involve discussion with students. The seminar is moderated by a member of Estonian ASSITEJ Centre and a member of the Estonian Parliament Eduard Odinets. Presenters include: Suzanne Osten (Sweden), Sasha Pepeljajev (Russia), Timo Steiner, Jan Kaus, Karmo Mende, Eva Kalbus, Rita Rätsepp, Anu Aun, Anne Kleinberg, Helena Maria Reisner, Helena Pihel, Indrek Lillemägi.   The seminar is free for everyone Register for the seminar on naksfestival.ee For more information: naksfestival@gmail.com   SCHEDULE:

10.00 THEATER: Rein Agur, theater director 

10.25 THEATER: Suzanne Osten (Sweden), theater director, screenwriter, writer 10.50 DANCE: Sasha Pepelyaev (Russia), theater teacher and director 

11.15 LITERATURE: Jan Kaus, writer 

11.40 Stretch break 11.50 MUSIC: Timo Steiner, composer, head of Tallinn Music and Ballet School 

12.15 FINE ARTS: Karmo Mende, theater designer 

12.40 FILM: Anu Aun, film director, screenwriter   

13.05 Lunch break 55 min   

14.00 Eva Kalbus, theater teacher of Tallinn 32nd Secondary School 

14.25 Helena Pihel, Estonian Dance Agency, choreographer, dance teacher 

14.50 Anne Kleinberg, Children's Mental Health Center, director, psychiatrist 

15.15 Stretch break 

15.25 Rita Rätsepp, City Health Clinic, actress and psychologist 

15.50 Indrek Lillemägi, head of Pelgulinna Highschool 

16.15 Panel discussion: Rita Rätsepp, Helena-Maria Reisner (student of Old Town Educational College), Indrek Lillemägi, Eduard Odinets 

17.00 Closing remarks Eduard Odinets   

18.00-19.00 The seminar will end with the performance of the Improteater IMPEERIUM performance “The Power of Imagination or the Evening of Comic Sketches” (in Estonian)