List of Broadcasts

    Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences "Every Brilliant Thing"

    A young person must suddenly cope with a situation where their mother can no longer see a way to go on with her life. Our protagonist starts writing down things that are worth living for, hoping it might help their mother feel better:

    1.        Ice cream.
    2.        Water fights.
    3.        Being allowed to stay up past bedtime and watch TV.
    4.        The colour yellow.
    5.        Things with stripes.
    6.        Merry-go-rounds.
    7.        When people fall.

    This begins a list of every brilliant thing, which keeps getting longer and more detailed throughout the protagonist’s life, until it gradually turns into something they can themself hold on to in difficult times. It is a story of growing up and accepting life’s twists and turns. And how even in the deepest of darkness there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
    Director Tanel Jonas: "Duncan Macmillan’s plays have always captivated me. With this text as well, I felt drawn to it from early on. It might even be the play that characterises his work the best: talking about life, this great and complex sequence of systems, this indescribable magnificent mess, through small and simple things. But without being simplistic or shallow. To find joy in the little things – this is a message we hear all around these days, from gurus to self-help books. But how easy is it? Or is it at all possible?"    

    Cast: Getter Meresmaa, Doris Tislar or Risto Vaidla

    Friday,  November 3rd at 13:00 & 16:00 in Valga Culture Center, grand hall

    Mine Nilay Productions ft Kloden Theatre "Blikk" ("The look")

    What happens when bullying is concealed? When someone looks at you in a bad way, giving you a dirty look again and again when no one sees them? What happens when things go too far and splits the group of friends? What happens if a video is leaked, and someone ends up hitting someone?

    Being subjected to "dirty looks" can be experienced as threatening, bullying and exclusionary and can quickly form the basis for larger conflicts. And when good girls become warriors with no inhibitions, the conflict can grow completely out of control...

    BLIKK is a performance for youth and young adults which brings dirty looks, bullying, girl gangs and violence to the stage. Only girls participate in this explosive and dramatic play that punches the audience right in the gut. 

    Through her work with genres such as street theatre, the Norwegian-Turkish director Mine Nilay Yalcin has been concerned with accessibility, diversity and representation in the performing arts.

    Performance is in English.

    In collaboration with Kloden theater and SPKRBOX

    Please note that the performance contains strong language and depictions of violence.

    Recommended age 13+


    Script, director, producer: Mine Nilay Yalcin

    Translated by Lise Lærdal Bryn 

    Costume design: Synne Reichelt Føreland 

    Dramaturgy: Christine Helland

     Lighting design: Clement Irbil

    Technical manager: Kai Luni Fjell

    Cast: Hina Zaidi, Madeleine F. Røseth, Julia Sørensen, Amalie Hyun Ju Eggen, Lisa Birkenes Thun 

    Piip and Tuut Theater "Tallinn Bears"

    "Tallinn Bears" is a musical based of libretto by Lauris Gundarsi and music and lyrics by Siim Aimla. The musical tells a story about bear family, who is forced to leave their home as the city is expanding to forest. Cornered animals behave unpredictably, and so do people when bears appear on the urban landscape.

    Young bear Aka has a plan to attack the city, to scare and to cause chaos in order to make clear to the people living in the city that bears has been living in forests way before the city was established and so bears have also rights to their home like people have.

    During the bears' invasion, a ten-year-old girl, Hele, is taken from the city. Imprisoned in a cave among bears, she turns out to be the first person to be able to communicate with bears. Hele understands that in order to live side by side and be together we have to listen to each other, understand and try to find common solutions.

    The bear family gives an oppurtunity to young and older spectator to identify themselves with characters on the stage and to live along to problems that seem impossible to solve at first. The musical reflects our attitude towards family, strangers and the nature around us, talking about staying together in difficult circumstances and about humanity even if the main characters are bears. 

    Author and director: Lauris Gundars
    Music and lyrics: Siim Aimla
    Artist: Inga Vares
    Choreograph: Marge Ehrenbusch
    Lighting designer: Priidu Adlas
    Poster art: Joonas Sildre
    Cast: Haide Männamäe, Grete Konksi, Maarja Tammemägi, Stefan Hein,
    Rauno Kaibiainen, Toomas Tross

    Duration: 2 h 10 min


     On Saturday, 04.11 at 13.00 in Valga Culture Center, grand hall

    Triinu Laan "Juhan the Skeleton’s goings-on"

    Gramps and Gramma live on a farm, in a woodland house. One day Gramps brings home a retired skeleton. This skeleton has never belonged to a human. Instead it has served as a plastic model for teaching anatomy at school. Tired, tattered and retired it arrives in Gramp’s and Gramma’s house where they both have spent all their life. Here the Skeleton is named Juhan and begins to participate in Gramp’s and Gramma’s everyday activities, bringing joy, misunderstandings, a lot of warmth to it, and helping to sort out Gramp’s and Gramma’s relationship matters.

    Age: 6+

    Duration: 50min  / Act 1

    Dramatization: Janis Znotins

    Premiere: 02.03.2023.

    A play with no words!


    Director: Janis Znotins

    Stage artist: Pamela Butane

    Music: Janis Znotins

    Lighting artist: Arta Kronberga

    Cast:  Rūta Dislere

               Anrijs Sirmais

    Saturday, November 4th at 11:00 in Valga Culture Center, oval hall


    Kellerteater "The Canterville Ghost"

    The performance is based on Oscar Wilde’s world-famous short story “The Canterville Ghost”. It is the result of a collaboration between two young talented creators – Teele Uustani and Sandra Lange.

    The production uses puppetry as well as object theater. It is intended for young audiences that appreciate a mixture of spooky thrills and humor. 

    The spirit of Lord Canterville had a brilliant career. This ghost has been successful at terrorizing the occupants of his castle for centuries. Until one day he suffers a setback. Colliding with the modern world, the ghost becomes acquainted with a family that absolutely fails to not notice him. The family in fact does not notice anyone or anything except their gadgets. Adding insult to injury, when this newly arrived family finally becomes aware fo the ghost’s existence, he find out that has no effect on them. On the contrary, the spirit of Lord Canterville is now on the receiving end of terror, He is the one being bullied. The ghost resents the unbearable circumstances and flees onto the basement of the castle, where he tries unsuccessfully to find some peace. At this point the ghost has nothing to lose. He resorts to the most terrible actions and terrifying stunts, but he has lost his touch and everything goes awry. In the end, the spectator must choose for herself whether to join those who bully the ghost or to empathize with him.

    The Ghost - Sandra Lange
    Director - Teele Uustani and Sandra Lange
    Music - Juhan Vihterpalu
    Light Engineer - Rene Topolev
    Set and costume design - Sandra Lange
    Playright - Vahur Keller
    Make-up artist - Aimi Etverk
    Children voices - Sander Tammeleht and Hannes Jõema (Liivaku kindergarten)
    Graphic design - Britt Urbla Keller
    Production Manager - Jane Oksa

    Age  7+
    Performance duration: 45 minutes



    Thursday, November 2nd at 11:00 & Friday,  November 3rd at 11:00  in Valga Culture Center, oval hall