NAKS 2022 Children's culture seminar "Attention, child!"

As said by educational specialist Tiiu Kuurme childhood linked to technological development and well-being has never existed before in human history. Children are already dependents and consumers and that is grown-up's world that directs a way to this kind of behaviour. But children are different, their needs, experiences are different and the way how they react to the outer world differs from adults.

In the seminar we will discuss about needs of children and youngsters, their options and what surrounds them in the reality. We are also going to talk about how home, school, experiences of art  can support the development of an individual.

Children's culture seminar takes place on 4.11.2022 at 12-15.00 in Paide Gymnasium (white hall)
Also available on website and on Postimees TV


Teatritempel - Arutelu Arvamusfestivalil Paides

Teatriharidusest ja muust k├Ánelesid 12.augustil Maria Peterson, Grete Arro, Steven-Hristo Evestus. Arutelu modereeris Eduard Odinets.